Amaya Rain

Wife. Mother. Crazy woman.

About the Others

Yes, there are other players in the Amaya Life. Let’s meet them, shall we?

Daddy: My wonderful husband and father to my children. I can’t say enough about him, so I don’t always talk about him. He’s my soulmate. I’m a lucky Amaya.

Lil’Bit: The oldest. She’s almost 9. She thinks she’s 17. She drives me batty, and we’re getting into that stage of her life where I just don’t know all the answers anymore. She makes me feel stupid as a parent.

Giggler: Our girl-twin. She’s under a year old, very active, and giggles a lot.

Flirter: Our boy-twin. He’s also under a year old, kinda active, and flirts with everyone. He has some medical issues – I’m sure I’ll elaborate eventually.

My parents: We live near them. They are insane. I may discuss them a lot, or may not, in an attempt to make them disappear from all conscious thought.

Daddy’s parents: We don’t live near them. They’re not quite as nuts as my parents, but they’re Yankees. Oh, didn’t I mention that I’m a Southern girl, born and bred? Well, you’ll figure it out.

The Neighborhood Kids: They’re almost all boys, and almost all older than Lil’Bit. They are a constant source of stress for me. They also have no fear of anything – including me.

Let’s just leave it there for now, shall we?


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