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Munchkin is being rather persistent in her desire to homeschool. I thought with the last days of school, all the fun things they’re doing, that she’d change her mind. Not a chance. She’s brought up homeschooling probably 15 times this week.

I’m working on getting a curriculum together. Fun Fun! It really is; the hard part is keeping it contained enough. Then again, I told her that if we started, we had at least three years of homeschooling ahead of us – I wasn’t starting to just put her back in a year (or less) later. She agreed. So I’m working on a three-year program, essentially. Not the specifics for three years, just trying to get an idea of the types of things that we’ll cover each year, especially in the sciences, history, and geography. Math, well, she’ll lead the way in that. She really excels in math. She loves art and music. Actually, she loves just about anything she can learn about, except she doesn’t like history (because it hasn’t been taught properly to her), and she doesn’t like to read (probably the same issue). She’ll have to get over the reading thing. She’d have to get over it going to regular fourth grade as well.

Okay, back to the computer, looking for good resource material.


May 24, 2007 - Posted by | Parenting, School

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