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I know, I’ve been missing the last several days. I’ve been working on a little project, as well as trying to keep things moving right along over here.

I’m heading out to get some sleep, as The Girl Twin has decided that a nap from 7pm to 10pm was preferable to actual sleep, and The Hubby is staying up with her. This means that when The Boy inevitably wakes up tonight, I have to get up with him – which Hubby usually will do. And The Oldest has decided she wants pancakes for breakfast, which means getting up earlier than usual, and the house is trashed, and the in-laws are going to be here in 2 weeks and we still don’t have everything moved in and…

I’m going to bed now.


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Moving right along… or not.

This moving in thing is going so ridiculously slow. Even when the hubby is home, or my mom comes to “help”, I still just don’t get enough time to do what needs to be done. Some things – the biggest things, the most important-to-me things – can’t be done in a 10-15 minute chunk. And I get overwhelmed. Then everything starts sliding. And I can’t understand why nobody – including myself, but oh so definitely EXcluding my oh-so-perfect mother – knows where the damn garbage can is.

I need a vacation. Or for someone to take the babies away from the house for longer than a walk. I need to just *do*.

Hubby is out of town tomorrow. When he gets back, I’m going to cut the grass and see if that makes me feel better. It’s been a while since I’ve done it, but I actually like it. There’s an immediate result. I turn the machine on. I walk and push. I turn around, and there’s a swath of cleanliness and organization behind me.

Why can’t everything be that easy?

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Bellsouth and DirecTV suck.

Oh man. I’m still wired from today. Since we’re keeping the phone number at the new house AT the new house (my grandparents had it since the 50’s, when it was a “subdivision/town 123” type number), but trying to get all of our features moved over there. We have one of those Bellsouth bundles, so our local, long distance, DSL, and cell phone are all on one bill, and DirecTV bills us with a discount as well for the bundle. Should be easy enough, right?

I spent about an hour on the phone with Bellsouth while they set everything up. Then, because the bill was being switched into our names instead of my deceased grandfather’s name, they needed approval from my husband. I tried to three-way call, but got disconnected. The woman said if I got disconnected, to just call back, that all that needed to happen was to get his verbal approval.

So, I called hubby to come home, and we call them back. Between being on hold, the guy trying to figure out what was happening, and approval, we were on the phone another 25 minutes. All is well, right?

My mom is at the new place, waiting on the DirecTV guy to move our service today (as the owner, she wanted to make sure they placed everything according to her wishes). She gets a call there – Bellsouth wants to verify approval of new local and long distance service at “new number” for [enter grandpa’s name here]. Mom says, “oh no. I mean, yeah, we approve the change, all of that is correct, but it’s supposed to be under THEIR name, not my father’s.”

You guessed it. They cancelled the order completely. I called them back, and we had to do it ALL OVER AGAIN… this time it only took 45 minutes, as I made them transfer me directly to a supervisor. So, I’m frustrated.

Then, DirecTV guy never shows up. Turns out that an hour before the end of the appointment time, he tried to call to confirm. I’m sorry, but when I make an appointment, and someone takes the time to be there or take off of work to be there, then someone better damn well show up. Yeah, well… even though we verified my cell phone number as a contact number TWICE during the call for the move, they didn’t bother putting it on the work order. So since he didn’t get an answer, he left town.

Then the woman told me that they’ll reschedule me – for nearly 2 weeks from now, when someone will be in my area again.

Oh no. I tried being nice. Then I got firm. Then I yelled. Then I cursed. And miraculously, and appointment this Friday opened up.

Then I called DirecTV themselves (the other b.s. was dealing with the technicians office) and spoke with someone, and proceeded to ream him out, and got the date moved to Wednesday.

I’d have been nice if anyone would have been honest with me. First they say he called to get directions (house is clearly marked, on a well-known road, not in a rural setting), then they said he called to confirm the appointment. Then they tried getting him on the phone at 4pm (end of appointment time, that’s when I called them), and NO ONE – for the FIFTY MINUTES I was on the phone with various departments – could get him on the line. Then miraculously, an 1.5 hours later, he’s 1.5 hours away, just getting the message, and can’t come back.

And DirecTV has already taken $50 from me as a “non-refundable deposit” for the installation, and because we’re moving, they are requiring another 1 year commitment, which we already agreed to, and for which there is a cancellation fee if we tell them to stick the whole thing up their a$$. And learning all of this, I spent approximately 2 hours on the phone with them today.

Don’t even get me started on the local politics I had to deal with today. I’ll post about that tomorrow, because that made me livid as well.

You know, some days, people really are out to get you. It’s not paranoia if it’s really happening. I’ll update Thursday and let you know if everything has gone smoothly – as Wednesday both DirecTV gets installed and Bellsouth gets transferred. No one has common sense, or common courtesy, anymore, do they? Is my time not as valuable as anyone else’s?

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