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I figured I’d pop my head in, just to write. I haven’t had much time to read lately. The move is taking quite a bit out of me, even though we haven’t moved anything new in the last week. We have to still empty the old place, and get things out of storage – and then I get to work on stuff that’s been at mom’s in “storage” for years.

There’s a busy weekend ahead. My best friend came into town tonight and visited, and the babies were up late with us. Then the oldest is having a party tomorrow, and then The Man has to go out of town on Sunday. Doesn’t sound like much, but with twins, *everything* seems to be a big deal. I know this isn’t true for everyone with twins – oh, twin mommies LOVE to sound like they are just super-duper moms  – but it’s true for a bunch of us.

The house is looking, eh, vaguely normal. I need to get better about keeping the kitchen and dining area neater (and remembering to get the crumbs off the floor from baby self-feeding adventures!). I still have things to do in the bedroom, but really, we need the rest of our furniture here.

Okay, I’m done rambling. I’ll chat about our electrical fun once it’s solved. Hope everyone is doing well.


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Walk away the hyperactivity…

So, I’ve been taking the twins out for a couple of afternoon walks every day, especially since the weather here is so beautiful right now (70’s during the day, high 50’s at night). I figure the weather won’t last long – it’ll be 90 and humid before you can think about it too much – so why not double up on walks, right?

Actually, the troublemakers have been insanely hyper (for them, not as a diagnosis) since we’ve been in the house. That’s to be expected. Partner that with the fact that hubby has been working late (coming home near their bedtime) for the last several days, and we really, really needed to do something to calm the cabin fever.

But see, here’s the problem. Since I had the twins (and before that, actually, probably the last few years) I’ve been a couch potato. I can walk around for quite some time, and for several miles when called to do it, but I’m just not in the shape for it anymore. I’m a slug. So all of a sudden, we’ve been going for walks around the block (1/4 mile) or a few blocks, and more – today, one of the walks was right at a mile. And of course, I’m lugging a wagon filled with big ol’ babies around behind me.

So although it’s allowing the babies to work off some energy (I have no idea how, since all they do is sit there and giggle), Mommy here is wiped out. I really need to find my tennis shoes. Then again, they’re basically just knockoff Keds, so I don’t know how much better they’ll be than the beat-up sandals I’m wearing now.

I probably should go and get some proper walking shoes. But then what’ll happen is I’ll spend all this money on them, and then when it gets hot, I just won’t walk anymore. I hope that’s not the case. For all my complaining, it’s been nice. The fresh air, the sunshine, meeting the neighbors and beyond, watching the flowers starting to bloom (we watched a tree bud up between our first and second walks today!), and the fact that I’m sleeping better at night all combine to say that I really should be doing this more often. And I probably will.

Maybe after hubby gets back on a normal work schedule, we’ll switch to having a morning walk and an afternoon walk. Hopefully too, the guy will come finish the yard and trimming the trees and such, so I can babyproof the backyard as much as possible, and then the babies will actually be able to run off some energy out there. I also really, really want to get to planting some bell peppers, cukes, and a few other things this year since we actually have a yard and a long growing season. I’m – obviously – already behind all of the neighbors.

I suppose my own hyperactivity is mental. And my overactive brain is telling me that I need to keep up with the neighbors. Although, if how I keep up with the twins is any indication…

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And we’re in!

We’ve been sleeping at the new house since Saturday. At that point, we also gave up on finishing packing things in the old place, and we also haven’t brought anything over from storage. I find it amusing that, although we aren’t bringing anything new into the house yet, the things that are here are multiplying. I swear we have probably three times as many clothes as I brought over here. CD’s seem to appear out of nowhere. Empty boxes… there can be one on the edge of the wall, and in the morning, 10 will be all over the floors of the house.

I don’t understand, but I’m not questioning. We’re here. That’s what counts. Well… until we find the energy to really get everything finished.

I just thought I’d drop a little update. I may put up some pictures in the upcoming weeks, but I’m not promising anything.

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I see carpet…

Slowly, surely. We’re actually moving into the new house. We still haven’t slept there, and I plan on that changing this weekend. In case you haven’t figured it out, we’re not using a moving van, just my car and hubby’s company truck (although this weekend, my parents’ truck may get into the act as well). This means that only a few boxes or pieces of furniture get moved at a time.

I was hoping that moving slowly would keep me organized, with few boxes, etc. For the most part it has. The kitchen isn’t organized the way I’d like for it to be forever, but it’s functional. There are designated places for a lot of things – like using the coat closet for alcohol, cookbooks, craft supplies, and until we get the office set up (The Siblings have to clean it out and divide the stuff) it’ll house sewing supplies as well. The playroom is mostly set up – I just need to find appropriate linens for the twin bed we’re keeping in there, and get some baskets/buckets that fit the shelves of the changing table that we’re using to store their toys. The babies’ bedroom is halfway done – I need to bring all their clothes over, some more linens, oh, yeah, and bring the mattress from my mom’s house for one of the cribs. Our bedroom… is packed. Okay, not totally packed, but man, using that room for the unpacking staging ground may not have been my best idea.

So, that’s my moving update. Oh… DirecTV finally got it right – the serviceman was great, even if the company itself claimed that the work order had already been completed last Friday when I called to see where he was. BellSouth… well, I have to call them tomorrow, because DSL still isn’t working. Then again, it could be user error in the setup. I never can figure out what order to do and redo things to make the stupid DSL modem work right.

Oh, and I cleaned lots of stuff with Murphy’s Oil Soap. I love that stuff. Oh, and did a load of laundry too. I had a busy day.

Tomorrow: I need to go over (hopefully bring at least a couple of boxes from upstairs at mom’s with me), do laundry (2 loads of darks, 1 load of towels), empty at least 3 more boxes of things (I’ll have to search for the obvious ones to unload), straighten out our bedroom’s box pile so that we can fit the chest of drawers, the hope chest, and a bookcase in there, bring over most of our most-worn clothes, finish bringing over toiletries and such, and when Daddy gets off of work, bring over the sofa and the loveseat. And we need to move the portable dishwasher and the microwave. Oh! And I need to get my mother to take down the stuff on the wall where we’re putting the hutch.

Saturday: Hopefully, we can get the hope chest, the bookcase, the recliner, the hutch, and then move out some more The Siblings things. I’ll consider that a successful day.

Sunday: Get Hubby and my dad to install the new air conditioner to get that ridiculously huge box out of my bedroom. Unpack. Enjoy the first day after our first night in the house… hopefully.

Wow. I really know how to entertain you folks, don’t I?

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