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Homeschool here we come.

It’s nearly official. Munchkin came home today and said, “okay, we’re definitely homeschooling next year.” I asked what happened at school to cause that, and she said nothing, that she’s just been thinking about it and has made her decision.

Of course, I’m not holding completely to that, because, well, you know, she’s 9. But as freaked out as I am at the idea of being completely responsible for my daughter’s education, I’m really, really pumped about being completely responsible.

But let’s get back to being freaked out. I’m thinking of starting with a Classical curriculum… which scares me! But I don’t think that most purchased curricula will work for us because once she sets her mind to something, she breezes through it, which would probably mean having to purchase more than one a year… not my idea of fun. I don’t like most of them anyway. We proved to ourselves that unschooling will not not work for us after last time, nor really will unit studies. So apparently, onto Classical we go.

Man. This will work. Really, it will.


May 21, 2007 - Posted by | Daily Life, School

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  1. Try out We use this and

    Comment by Robin | June 12, 2007

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