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Walk away the hyperactivity…

So, I’ve been taking the twins out for a couple of afternoon walks every day, especially since the weather here is so beautiful right now (70’s during the day, high 50’s at night). I figure the weather won’t last long – it’ll be 90 and humid before you can think about it too much – so why not double up on walks, right?

Actually, the troublemakers have been insanely hyper (for them, not as a diagnosis) since we’ve been in the house. That’s to be expected. Partner that with the fact that hubby has been working late (coming home near their bedtime) for the last several days, and we really, really needed to do something to calm the cabin fever.

But see, here’s the problem. Since I had the twins (and before that, actually, probably the last few years) I’ve been a couch potato. I can walk around for quite some time, and for several miles when called to do it, but I’m just not in the shape for it anymore. I’m a slug. So all of a sudden, we’ve been going for walks around the block (1/4 mile) or a few blocks,¬†and more – today, one of the walks was right at a mile. And of course, I’m lugging a wagon filled with big ol’ babies around behind me.

So although it’s allowing the babies to work off some energy (I have no idea how, since all they do is sit there and giggle), Mommy here is wiped out. I really need to find my tennis shoes. Then again, they’re basically just knockoff Keds, so I don’t know how much better they’ll be than the beat-up sandals I’m wearing now.

I probably should go and get some proper walking shoes. But then what’ll happen is I’ll spend all this money on them, and then when it gets hot, I just won’t walk anymore. I hope that’s not the case. For all my complaining, it’s been nice. The fresh air, the sunshine, meeting the neighbors and beyond, watching the flowers starting to bloom (we watched a tree bud up between our first and second walks today!), and the fact that I’m sleeping better at night all combine to say that I really should be doing this more often. And I probably will.

Maybe after hubby gets back on a normal work schedule, we’ll switch to having a morning walk and an afternoon walk. Hopefully too, the guy will come finish the yard and trimming the trees and such, so I can babyproof the backyard as much as possible, and then the babies will actually be able to run off some energy out there. I also really, really want to get to planting some bell peppers, cukes, and a few other things this year since we actually have a yard and a long growing season. I’m – obviously – already behind all of the neighbors.

I suppose my own hyperactivity is mental. And my overactive brain is telling me that I need to keep up with the neighbors. Although, if how I keep up with the twins is any indication…


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