Amaya Rain

Wife. Mother. Crazy woman.

About Amaya

Wife to one man. Mother to three children. Daughter to a couple of thoroughly insane parents. Friend to some really odd folk. I have a technicolor past, a pastel present, and a decidedly tabula rasa future. Oh, and I hide out here. As opposed to there, there being the numerous blogs and journals I have and have kept, and the recent blog I had to kill because one of the words in the title, although completely innocent (and I thought rather cute, knowing the background and all) turned out to be a perv magnet. So if you feel deja’d all over again, it’s because I’m here, and not there, but some of there is here. Now. Yeah.


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  1. AMAYA!!!!! We’re trying to get all of the cleansweepers together. If you see this before I e-mail you, send me your e-mail address so I can keep you in the loop. The site may be down permanently so Robin and I are looking for a new home.

    My e-mail is

    Comment by jillann11 | July 4, 2008

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