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I know, I’ve been missing the last several days. I’ve been working on a little project, as well as trying to keep things moving right along over here.

I’m heading out to get some sleep, as The Girl Twin has decided that a nap from 7pm to 10pm was preferable to actual sleep, and The Hubby is staying up with her. This means that when The Boy inevitably wakes up tonight, I have to get up with him – which Hubby usually will do. And The Oldest has decided she wants pancakes for breakfast, which means getting up earlier than usual, and the house is trashed, and the in-laws are going to be here in 2 weeks and we still don’t have everything moved in and…

I’m going to bed now.


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Moving right along… or not.

This moving in thing is going so ridiculously slow. Even when the hubby is home, or my mom comes to “help”, I still just don’t get enough time to do what needs to be done. Some things – the biggest things, the most important-to-me things – can’t be done in a 10-15 minute chunk. And I get overwhelmed. Then everything starts sliding. And I can’t understand why nobody – including myself, but oh so definitely EXcluding my oh-so-perfect mother – knows where the damn garbage can is.

I need a vacation. Or for someone to take the babies away from the house for longer than a walk. I need to just *do*.

Hubby is out of town tomorrow. When he gets back, I’m going to cut the grass and see if that makes me feel better. It’s been a while since I’ve done it, but I actually like it. There’s an immediate result. I turn the machine on. I walk and push. I turn around, and there’s a swath of cleanliness and organization behind me.

Why can’t everything be that easy?

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Mail scares me.

Seriously, mail scares me. For some reason, through my entire life, mail has gotten lost coming to me or going from me. You know those people who always say “but it must be lost in the mail,” and you think they’re total losers giving lame excuses? Yeah, that’s me. Only, it’s true. My mail is always getting lost. I even had mail in a mail truck that caught on fire after an accident many years ago – I didn’t realize it until I was getting creditor phone calls from the two checks that didn’t make it to their destinations (in their defense, I had waited until the calls were about to come anyway to make the payments, but still).

So today, I did my taxes online. I love doing that. Unfortunately, last year, we didn’t have the money to pay our taxes, and the babies’ social security numbers were taking their sweet time getting to us, so I filed for an extension and didn’t pay. That has to be rectified… and it will be – especially now that I know that this year’s refund will cover last year’s amount owed. In fact, I’m putting a call into TurboTax tomorrow to verify which version we’ll need for the Husband’s occupation in 2005. I did the taxes myself, but I’m not confident in them, and I’d much rather have verification that I’m doing them right rather than have even more penalties down the road.

Anyway, so because we didn’t file last year, I didn’t have some number off of the return, which means we couldn’t sign it electronically. And for anyone who’s done e-file, you know that when that happens, you have to print off a signature page and mail it. So I carefully printed. I double and triple checked the address and our return address. I even asked my husband if I was putting the stamp in the right place.

Because you see, mail scares me so much, that I don’t ever send it. My husband loves mail, still corresponds via snail mail with a number of people, and all that good stuff. So I leave mail to him. I do bills, but I do them electronically.

So, I carefully placed the stamp, then had a bit of an anxiety attack as to how it should be mailed. Does mail run on Good Friday? If I put it in the mailbox in front of the house will it get picked up? Should I drive down to the local post office and put it in their box? What if some brat in the neighborhood steals my mail, especially since I so OCD’ly checked and rechecked that the red flag was up?

Red Flag! Red Flag! Doesn’t this bother anyone else? I mean, there’s a sign of danger on the mailbox itself! Shouldn’t that tell you something?!?!

Okay. I’ve taken deep breaths. I’ve had a celebratory glass of chocolate milk. And I think my husband is ready to get some rest.

If I can sleep, worried desperately about the poor little letter that has to be mailed to the IRS within one business day of my filing.

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It’s a sad day.

I did not win the Dyson. No, stop. Don’t feel bad for me. Really. I mean, I love sweeping and resweeping and resweeping and resweeping and still finding Cheerios and homemade crackers 2 weeks after the fact. It’s okay. I knew the world wasn’t fair. I just… I didn’t know it could be so cruel.

Moving along…

I made some chicken tikka masala tonight, and some flat bread that I intended to be phulka but then played with. I’m actually proud of myself. I went by a recipe, but then looked at a bazillion other recipes, and then just started playing. I tossed in some things that are found in various versions of garam masala, I tossed yogurt and garlic powder into the phulka… yeah, I played. And it was so insanely spicy. But it was wonderful. Even though I cut the pepper called for in the original recipe down by at least half, it’s gonna go down some more, as is the cumin. I’d like to be able to taste the other spices a bit more, let them have their own millisecond in the sun, so to speak. But I’d never marinated chicken in yogurt before… and I have to say, it’s a definite do-over.

Oh, and I used a Foreman grill for the first time too (holdover from AJ’s bachelor days). That was fun. Well, once I found a tupperware lid that fit under the thing since I couldn’t find the grease catcher!

Neighbor Lady (the Honduran one) brought over a small bowl of refried beans with cheese the other day. I felt awful, because I don’t eat beans, but I took them anyway. And since one should never return a plate empty, I dished her up some tikka. She liked it! (Which is way more than I can say for my loving husband, who tried very hard.) She ended up giving me a ziplock baggie of boondi – I’m pretty sure that’s what they’re called. Yeah, as I google, that is it. Anyway, they’re crisp little round balls of yum and heat. She said if I liked the spicy curries that I’d like that… her “lady friend, a doctor”, gave them to her. Yay. They’re yummy!

The house is coming along. We brought over a load of stuff a couple of days ago (yesterday?????), and things are gradually finding homes. I’d like the home for everything to be the garbage can some days, but it will all work out in the end.

Oh! How’s this for organizational prowress? I set up a lot of the kitchen before we moved in. Some things I put in some places, knowing they’d be moved after we lived in the kitchen for a while. Yesterday, I got overwhelmed trying to figure out where things were going to go, where I was going to fit all the “new” appliances that came out of storage (Foreman grill, anyone?). Well…

I’d left a cabinet completely empty. I mean completely empty. All for the purposes of moving things around after we’d been here a bit. I feel like such a complete and utter dork. To make matters worse, the babies, who were looking over the gate at me, laughed. I mean, they laughed a lot. They laughed like I was over there tickling them. It made me sad.

So, anyway, I guess I’ll head back into babyland, put their little baby butts to bed, and munch on some boondi. After all, I need something to distract from the evil that exists in a world that wouldn’t let me win a Dyson.

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If there is any fairness in the world…

 … I will win this! Five Minutes for Mom is doing a giveaway of a Dyson Slim. Oh, the beauty. Oh, the functionality. Oh, the disappearance of the mystery Cheerios if I just had this Dyson in my hands! To never again fight with cracker crumbs. To easily remove the fuzz from my green shag carpet (yes, installing in the 60’s, thank you very much, and in much better shape than the beige plush that they installed about 5 years ago). To… to… rule world with a Dyson!!

I shall have many fantasies of winning this contest until Wednesday, when I fear my heart may be broken. But alas – maybe it will be a glorious day!!

That said, we’re cleaning, unpacking, and generally going insane. A real update is forthcoming, hopefully tonight.

ETA: Oops!! I forgot the link to the contest itself! It’s right here. I’d say good luck, but, I WANT IT!

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