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It’s a sad day.

I did not win the Dyson. No, stop. Don’t feel bad for me. Really. I mean, I love sweeping and resweeping and resweeping and resweeping and still finding Cheerios and homemade crackers 2 weeks after the fact. It’s okay. I knew the world wasn’t fair. I just… I didn’t know it could be so cruel.

Moving along…

I made some chicken tikka masala tonight, and some flat bread that I intended to be phulka but then played with. I’m actually proud of myself. I went by a recipe, but then looked at a bazillion other recipes, and then just started playing. I tossed in some things that are found in various versions of garam masala, I tossed yogurt and garlic powder into the phulka… yeah, I played. And it was so insanely spicy. But it was wonderful. Even though I cut the pepper called for in the original recipe down by at least half, it’s gonna go down some more, as is the cumin. I’d like to be able to taste the other spices a bit more, let them have their own millisecond in the sun, so to speak. But I’d never marinated chicken in yogurt before… and I have to say, it’s a definite do-over.

Oh, and I used a Foreman grill for the first time too (holdover from AJ’s bachelor days). That was fun. Well, once I found a tupperware lid that fit under the thing since I couldn’t find the grease catcher!

Neighbor Lady (the Honduran one) brought over a small bowl of refried beans with cheese the other day. I felt awful, because I don’t eat beans, but I took them anyway. And since one should never return a plate empty, I dished her up some tikka. She liked it! (Which is way more than I can say for my loving husband, who tried very hard.) She ended up giving me a ziplock baggie of boondi – I’m pretty sure that’s what they’re called. Yeah, as I google, that is it. Anyway, they’re crisp little round balls of yum and heat. She said if I liked the spicy curries that I’d like that… her “lady friend, a doctor”, gave them to her. Yay. They’re yummy!

The house is coming along. We brought over a load of stuff a couple of days ago (yesterday?????), and things are gradually finding homes. I’d like the home for everything to be the garbage can some days, but it will all work out in the end.

Oh! How’s this for organizational prowress? I set up a lot of the kitchen before we moved in. Some things I put in some places, knowing they’d be moved after we lived in the kitchen for a while. Yesterday, I got overwhelmed trying to figure out where things were going to go, where I was going to fit all the “new” appliances that came out of storage (Foreman grill, anyone?). Well…

I’d left a cabinet completely empty. I mean completely empty. All for the purposes of moving things around after we’d been here a bit. I feel like such a complete and utter dork. To make matters worse, the babies, who were looking over the gate at me, laughed. I mean, they laughed a lot. They laughed like I was over there tickling them. It made me sad.

So, anyway, I guess I’ll head back into babyland, put their little baby butts to bed, and munch on some boondi. After all, I need something to distract from the evil that exists in a world that wouldn’t let me win a Dyson.


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