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If there is any fairness in the world…

 … I will win this! Five Minutes for Mom is doing a giveaway of a Dyson Slim. Oh, the beauty. Oh, the functionality. Oh, the disappearance of the mystery Cheerios if I just had this Dyson in my hands! To never again fight with cracker crumbs. To easily remove the fuzz from my green shag carpet (yes, installing in the 60’s, thank you very much, and in much better shape than the beige plush that they installed about 5 years ago). To… to… rule world with a Dyson!!

I shall have many fantasies of winning this contest until Wednesday, when I fear my heart may be broken. But alas – maybe it will be a glorious day!!

That said, we’re cleaning, unpacking, and generally going insane. A real update is forthcoming, hopefully tonight.

ETA: Oops!! I forgot the link to the contest itself! It’s right here. I’d say good luck, but, I WANT IT!


April 2, 2007 Posted by | Perfectionism | 1 Comment